Pioneer Press has a lot of experience in helping businesses large and small develop effective logos for their use in all media ... billboards, broadcast, websites ... but most especially in developing effective, high-quality logos for use in printed materials ranging from business cards to brochures and posters.

We know the pitfalls of designs which are technically undesirable ... some designs look great on a computer screen but do not carry through well when used in other media. That in itself is a major reason why you should consider asking us for assistance.

After a discussion with you about the image you wish to convey, a flat fee will be established for developing your logo. We will submit three different designs to you for review, and we'll be happy to further “tweak” the one design you prefer. Our 30+ years of experience shows that most often, this procedure meets with success and the client’s full satisfaction.

Once approved, we will provide to you the necessary digital art for your use as required, and certainly from that point we can proceed in developing a complete set of business stationery including business cards, letterheads, business envelopes ... and even a brochure explaining your business. All options are open once you have the logo design necessary to make it all happen.

Let Pioneer Press know what your needs are and we'll take great care to meet those needs!

CONTACT PIONEER PRESS by phone, fax, web or email message. We're ready to serve you.

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