6-Up Full-Color Address Labels

Let Pioneer Press help you project a more dynamic image of your company with every single piece of mail you send out. Color labels will make your customers stand back and say “wow” when they receive mail from you.

These labels can be addressed with your standard word processing software and applied to standard business envelopes or anything larger.

They come to you printed in full color 6 labels to a standard 8½x11 sheet. As far as addressing is concerned, the label size and configuration is similar to Avery 5164, so seek that size from the options available to you in the label options menu of your word processor.


Please note that it often is stated that labels can be put through the printer only once. Being careful not to disturb the original bond between the carrier sheet and unused labels, it is safe to put the sheet through your printer a second, third, or fourth time. If you need to address only one label, format your 6-on page so that you print the bottom label(s) first. The resulting sheet with the one used label removed, can be stored back in your box for use again when needed. Check here for label storage/use suggestions.

Pricing below is based on your providing to us a high-resolution PDF computer file formatted with the text and artwork you desire to be printed on a single label. We will handle doing it 6-up. We are happy to handle preparation of the original artwork for you, but there will be an additional charge for this service.

Labels when removed are sized 3 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

20 sheets printed, providing 120 labels: Cost $21.00 or about 17 cents each

40 sheets printed, providing 240 labels: Cost $24.00 or about 10 cents each

50 sheets printed, providing 300 labels: Cost $25.00 or about 8 cents each

100 sheets printed, providing 600 labels: Cost $37.00, or about 6 cents each

Shipping costs are additional.

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