We use Pantone ink.

Matching ink color is one of our specialties. We also offer Soy-Based Ink for those going green.

The Pantone System.

With the influx of computer programs for preparing files for printing, the precise selection of colors has become more complicated. The Pantone system was developed several years ago to assist graphic designers and demanding clients in obtaining the precise color hues they seek.

Many printing companies have moved in the direction of insisting that all color work be process color printing. This policy is convenient to the printer, but leaves the client out in the cold when subtle hues or brilliant colors are wanted.

That’s why Pioneer Press continues to offer and utilize the Pantone system for color ink selection. We still offer spot color printing. It’s effective and in many instances, it’s still the most cost-effective way of getting a job printed.

If you are preparing files for us to print, check with us beforehand to make sure your software has the capability of handling “spot color” in file preparation. It’s far simpler to prepare your files properly in the first place—as opposed to trying to tweak the file to meet specifications afterwards. Call Pioneer Press. We’re ready to help!

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