How to Store & Print Your Labels

Store labels in their original package and under stable temperatures and humidity conditions in the range of 60-80°F at 50-60% relative humidity. Extremely high humidity will almost certainly result in curled sheets and wavy edges.

Do not store near sources of heat or in direct sunlight. High temperatures can affect the adhesive properties and result in possible penetration and discoloration of the face paper.

Condition label sheets in their original packages for at least 24 hours at printing room temperature and humidity levels.

Fan label sheets prior to printing to take out any residual static.

Cover unpacked label sheets left overnight to provide a bit of protection against dust, and/or temperature and humidity changes.

When printing, make sure the surface is free from dust or any moisture such as water spills.

When applying, make sure they are rubbed down firmly and not merely placed on the surface.

Take the backing paper away from the label just prior to application so as to keep the label as flat as possible. If the label is taken from the backing paper it is almost certain to curl, making long-term adhesion difficult.

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