Pioneer Press of W.Va, was established in 1973 at Terra Alta, West Virginia, and over the years has built a solid reputation for providing excellent printed products including design, writing, logo development, original artwork, layout, photography, binding and a variety of fulfillment services including mailing services. Pioneer Press serves clients from West Virginia, Western Maryland, and across the United States—as well as internationally. Pioneer Press principally uses offset printing. However, traditional letterpress composition and printing are also possible. In addition to offset printing, modern full-color digital printing is also available for short-run quality work.

Pioneer Press is a FULL SERVICE printer. We have the technical skills and experience in printing and promotion which enable us to help you develop your projects from concept to completion. We're the experts and when you deal with us, we take the hassle out of getting the job done—and done right!

We're far more than simple order-takers. Our capabilities include complete graphic design, digital photography, writing (advertising and promotional skills included), in-house editing of color photos and thorough Photoshop® skills. We are also able to access extensive resources for stock photography and clipart. Our mailing capabilities include list management, merge-and-purge, and list acquisition when needed. We also offer list management services.

Clients who know and appreciate the value of working with Pioneer Press return again and again and that's what has made our success for over 40 years.

Founding partner of the Pioneer Press is Richard Hopkins, who has gained a solid reputation as the "guru" when it comes to traditional letterpress typography and typecasting. He is founder of the American Typecasting Fellowship, now an international organization of typecasting enthusiasts.

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